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Everything looked hopeless! It was 1933. Nationwide employment was 25%, but for young men the rate was even higher. Many had quit school to try and support their families, but without work experience or suitable education they had enormous difficulties finding jobs. Many of these youths felt they had no hope. A lot of them left home, “riding the rails,” trying to find even the most measly employment. Some even turned to a life of crime. Read more

About Robert W. Audretsch

Robert W. “Bob” Audretsch retired as a National Park Service ranger at Grand Canyon in 2009 after nearly 20 years of service. Since then, he has devoted himself full time to research and writing about the Civilian Conservations Corps (CCC). Bob grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and attended Wayne State University where he received a BA in history and a MS in library science.  Prior to his work as a ranger, he was a librarian in Michigan, Ohio, and Colorado. He has written numerous articles in the fields of library science, sports, and history. He has written "Grand Canyon's Phantom Ranch" (Arcadia Publishing, 2012) and "The Civilian Conservation Corps in Arizona" (Arcadia Publishing, 2014) with Sharon Hunt.  He is recently completed a book of Grand Canyon hiking routes to be published in 2014.  He is now researching his third monograph dealing with the CCC in Colorado.   Bob has a lifelong interest in history, nature, books, and art. He resides in Lakewood, Colorado.

Excerpt from the Book

By March 1933, the U.S. stock market had lost more than 80% of its value. Less than half of U.S. wage earners were working full time. Read more

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